Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 08 to 12 | Zbrush | 1 hour

General / 16 July 2019

I sculpted a stereotype of villain with big teeth and and elongated jaw! 

Today the Darksiders artbook has arrived and I have taken advantage of the challenge to sculpt a Skeleton based on a concept that I found in The artbook of Darksiders 2. 

Today I sculpted a stylized ear. In the following days I want to focus on the parts of head (ears, eyes, mouth, nose) until I feel comfortable sculpting them.

Today I sculpted a stylized ear (again) but I did this in parts following the guideline of Anatomy for Scupltors book. Conclusion, for me is more easy and better with this method. 

Today I sculpted a stylized nose.

Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 06 & 07 | Zbrush | 1 hour

General / 09 July 2019

I'm trying to apply my skull knowledge (learned during days ago) to create differents stylized skulls. Today I sculpted a mutant skull. Although is a mutant I think I have some small mistakes in the anatomy but overall I see it pretty well. 

Today I sculpted a stylized Hero skull with his big and square jaw. Every day I feel that it's easier to sculpt a skull. This practice is very usefull! :D

Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 05 | Zbrush | 1 hour

Making Of / 06 July 2019

Today I sculpted a stylized male skull. I hope you do not get bored of seeing so many skulls but I need to improve my head anatomy skills. I feel that I improved a lot during this first week :D

Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 04 | Zbrush | 1.5 hours

Making Of / 06 July 2019

I keep improving my skull anatomy skills. Today I tried to sculpt a stylized female skull. It took me 1.5 hours because I had problems with shapes. Tomorrow I will sculpt a male skull. I hope it goes better than today.

Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 03 | Zbrush | 1 hour

Making Of / 04 July 2019

I took advantage of my speed sculpt time to practice head anatomy, starting with the fundamental, the skull. I made a planar stylized skull and I think I will practice the skull for a few more days until I feel comfortable sculpting this.

Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 02 | Zbrush | 1 hour

Making Of / 03 July 2019

I am trying to improve my anatomy head skills. I have to improve a lot in female heads :D

Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 01 | Zbrush | 1 hour

Making Of / 02 July 2019

I have decided to start a new challege to improve my sculpt skills: A daily speed sculpt during one month.

Stylized Girl | Part 1 | Game Character | Base Mesh | Zbrush | Timelapse

Making Of / 22 June 2019

Medieval Lowpoly Inn | Blender 2.8 | Realtime [Spanish]

Tutorial / 03 March 2019

Hola a todos. Hoy les comparto estos cuatro vídeos donde modelé en directo una Posada lowpoly usando Blender 2.8. Los vídeos están publicados en mi canal de YouTube, donde constantemente hago este tipo de transmisiones en directo. En estos en vivo pueden ver como trabajo y preguntar cualquier cosa relacionada a lo que hago. Así que no olviden suscribirse en mi canal y activar la campana para que no se pierdan los próximos directos que haré en YouTube. 

El resultado final lo pueden ver en Sketchfab. En la parte final de la última transmisión también expliqué como subir y publicar este modelo en Sketchfab:

Parte 1

Parte 2

Parte 3

Parte 4

Modeling a hippopotamus Lowpoly for VR Project - Timelapse

Making Of / 03 December 2018

Hi everyone. This is a timelapse of my workflow used to make a lowpoly character that will be part of a scenario that I am creating for Decentraland. I also share the model in Sketchfab

I hope do you like.