General / 18 March 2021

My friend Jose Moreno bought a 3D printer and and he wanted to print this character that I did last year. I loved the result and it feels great to have one of your characters in physical form.

Oringial project:

Concept by Wu Xiaojie


Christmas Character [Commission]

General / 21 January 2021

Christmas character created for Decentraland

Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 08 to 12 | Zbrush | 1 hour

General / 16 July 2019

I sculpted a stereotype of villain with big teeth and and elongated jaw! 

Today the Darksiders artbook has arrived and I have taken advantage of the challenge to sculpt a Skeleton based on a concept that I found in The artbook of Darksiders 2. 

Today I sculpted a stylized ear. In the following days I want to focus on the parts of head (ears, eyes, mouth, nose) until I feel comfortable sculpting them.

Today I sculpted a stylized ear (again) but I did this in parts following the guideline of Anatomy for Scupltors book. Conclusion, for me is more easy and better with this method. 

Today I sculpted a stylized nose.

Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 06 & 07 | Zbrush | 1 hour

General / 09 July 2019

I'm trying to apply my skull knowledge (learned during days ago) to create differents stylized skulls. Today I sculpted a mutant skull. Although is a mutant I think I have some small mistakes in the anatomy but overall I see it pretty well. 

Today I sculpted a stylized Hero skull with his big and square jaw. Every day I feel that it's easier to sculpt a skull. This practice is very usefull! :D


General / 17 September 2018

Hi everyone. This is my entry for the Low Poly Adventure contest of Sketchfab. The goal was to make an object that you might take on an adventure, so I made a animated lighter in Blender.

My work was featured on Blendernation: My favourite Blender Art on Sketchfab: 2018, week 38 

I hope do you like.