Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 05 | Zbrush | 1 hour

Making Of / 06 July 2019

Today I sculpted a stylized male skull. I hope you do not get bored of seeing so many skulls but I need to improve my head anatomy skills. I feel that I improved a lot during this first week :D

Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 04 | Zbrush | 1.5 hours

Making Of / 06 July 2019

I keep improving my skull anatomy skills. Today I tried to sculpt a stylized female skull. It took me 1.5 hours because I had problems with shapes. Tomorrow I will sculpt a male skull. I hope it goes better than today.

Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 03 | Zbrush | 1 hour

Making Of / 04 July 2019

I took advantage of my speed sculpt time to practice head anatomy, starting with the fundamental, the skull. I made a planar stylized skull and I think I will practice the skull for a few more days until I feel comfortable sculpting this.

Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 02 | Zbrush | 1 hour

Making Of / 03 July 2019

I am trying to improve my anatomy head skills. I have to improve a lot in female heads :D

Daily Speed Sculpt Practice | Day 01 | Zbrush | 1 hour

Making Of / 02 July 2019

I have decided to start a new challege to improve my sculpt skills: A daily speed sculpt during one month.

Stylized Girl | Part 1 | Game Character | Base Mesh | Zbrush | Timelapse

Making Of / 22 June 2019

Modeling a hippopotamus Lowpoly for VR Project - Timelapse

Making Of / 03 December 2018

Hi everyone. This is a timelapse of my workflow used to make a lowpoly character that will be part of a scenario that I am creating for Decentraland. I also share the model in Sketchfab

I hope do you like.

Fantasy Forest - Timelapse & 3D

Making Of / 25 November 2018


Making Of / 11 September 2018


Making Of / 10 September 2018