[WIP] Stylized Anatomy Study | 01

Work In Progress / 10 October 2020

Stylized anatomy practice on Zbrush based on concept of Wu Xiaojie. Comments & critics are welcome!

Live Streams


Work In Progress / 27 September 2020


Work In Progress / 08 September 2020



Making Of / 05 September 2020

1:20 Blockout | 10:00 Sculpt Throat | 19:30 Sculpt Bandages | 23:30 Sculpt Skull A | 34:35 Sculpt Skull B | 48:50 Sculpt Skull C | 1:02:42 Sculpt Chine 1:08:00 | Sculpt Chine Armor | 1:10:25  Runes Alphas | 1:17:00  Final Details


Work In Progress / 03 September 2020

This scythe is part of a project I'm working at the moment.  In this project will appear Death, Despair, and possibly Dust. Death's highpoly is already finished, I'll post it in a few days. I will also publish the videos timelapse soon.

Quick renders in Zbrush

Blockout in Blender

Concept (from the book The Art of DARKSIDERS II)



Making Of / 30 August 2020


Work In Progress / 21 August 2020

Hi everyone. This is the last personal project I have been working on, called Barbarian and based on concept of Yefeng Chen. For now I have used Blender for Blockout and Zbrush for Sculpt. I have recorded the whole process and I plan make a timelapse that I will publish soon on my YouTube channel. 

Final Sculpt








Tutorial / 16 November 2019

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Concept by Eric Scales

Concept by Eric Scales

Concept by Miguel Spadafino

Concept by Derek Laufman

Concept by Alexander Shatohin

Concept by Randy Bishop

Concept by Derek Laufman

[Timelapse] Zbrush STYLIZED ANATOMY - Part 1

Tutorial / 10 October 2019

This is the first part of a stylized anatomy practice that I made in Zbrush. The video-timelapse has comments in Spanish. If you are interested I could add English subtitles or I could make English videos, just let me know it in the comments. 

You can see this character in Sketchfab: 

I hope do you like this timelapse. The second part is cooking and I will soon publish it on my YouTube Channel

Retrogasm 2019 | Broly | Part 1

Making Of / 29 August 2019

Hi everyone. This is a personal project that I started earlier this month and I have been working during my little free time. The character I chose was Broly from the DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi of Play Station 2.

The first thing I do when I start a project is to organize my references in Puref:

Anatomy, characters and style references. Then I do the blocking in Zbrush using primitives and the grab and smooth brush.

For this character I wanted to achieve cartoon proportions, that's why the large size of his arms.

 I try to adjust the blocking to get a silhouette with correct anatomy. After having a blocking that I like, I begin to detail the anatomy trying to simplify the muscles a bit, focusing on the silhouette. 

For this character I wanted to work the hair from an early stage since it is a characteristic feature of him. I did the hair in Blender using curves. Working with curves in Blender is easy.

 Whe the anatomy is done I begin to stylize the body a litlle. For this character I wanted to try a hard-edged style (angularity) but that looked organic. 

I worked a lot on his body and style, since it was the first time I tried to do somenthing like that (I focused on his torso and arms, since the legs were not going to be seen by the character's pants).

At this moment I realized that the cartoon proportions that I wanted for my character were not working well. I received feedback about his arms and I decided to try posing the character's arms in different positions to see if they really looked bad, and yes, they really looked bad. I think I missed working better on his silhouette to better cartoonize his proportions (it's something that I have to work for future projects).

I spent a lot of time adjusting his arms, correcting some parts of his body such neck, shoulders, abs and chest and working on the style. I was a great change and the character looked better.

After having the character's body almost ready, I decided to start with the clothes and accesories. I did a quick blocking of everything and started to make the folds of clothes. I wanted something very stylized and simple for the folds, so the first ones I sulpted i didn't like.  

The next day, after several attempts I achieved some better stylized folds in the character's pants. 

 I finally worked the others pieces of character's fabrics trying to follow the same style of his pants. The hardest part was making the fabric that is on his belt. 

I also corrected his forearm, wrist and hand (the thumb was wrong). 

I need to work on the face, hair and accessories of the character. Then retopo, UV's, bakes, textures, rig, pose and render. The deadline is in two weeks and I'm thinking that I will not finish on time.

I will make two more publications, one when I finish the texturing and another to talk about the rig, pose and rendering.  

Thank you for reading